Sunday, October 16, 2011

UFW - Day 3 shows

I went to see three shows. The first one - ARTEM KLIMCHUK - disappointed me. He used to be my favourite Ukrainian designer, and this time he came up with something looking slightly cheap. Although there were some great knited pieces.

Artem Klimchuk interviewed after the show
Luvi - a duet of two designers, Luda Siedliar and vika Zagrafova - really impressed me. Simplicity, monochrome colour scheme and sexy transparent fabric on modest silhouettes never goes wrong.

The show by two lovely designers kamanskayakononova had some colour. At last! Both shows before them were pretty much black, white and beige. The suit in fresh green looked amazing.

What one cannot but notice here is that next spring is going to repeat the previous one in terms of maxi skirts. Transparent maxis were everywhere and still are. There's no escaping them, we've had microshorts and minis for too long.

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