Monday, March 23, 2009

Shaking up the streets

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I got these photos from a post on English Russia, across which initially came my dad. And I was really glad to see these LIFE magazine shots from the streets of Moscow in, I guess, 1950's. The models are wearing Dior which wasn't even dreamt of in the USSR. Look at the reaction of the Soviet women. It's interesting that you won't only find curiosity, sometimes delight and jealousy but also disapproval in some expressions.
Whatever women did in the USSR to create their own sense of fashion amongst those boring items of clothing made in their native country. Fashion wasn't cultivated due to the shortage of imported clothing. Everything else was if not identical, quite lame, to be honest. This, however, made many women sew at home and create their own fashion from scratch.
One Soviet actress of the 1950's was known to paint her shoes with nail varnish to make them look like she had many pairs instead of one only pair. That's what deficiency can lead to.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I've just realised that I've been blogging (on and off, due to a number of my excuses, but still blogging) for over a year now. My first post dates back all the way to the 1st February 2008. Since then many things have changed and I'm glad I have had an opportunity to share some of those changes with you so far, my fellow bloggers.

Thus I should mention CHICLASH's anniversary. A month and a half later than necessary but nonetheless it's something to celebrate. =)

Here's also a fruit of my boredom in one of the lectures today.

I wish you lots and lots of inspiration this week.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Lessons continued

I TRIED to get to see the A/W 09 collection by Liliya Litkovskaya today and I got hold of a pass. But I have never seen so many people come to see a fashion show before. The reason being not just the designer's collection but the fact that she is famous for creating a headspinning performance at her shows. And it was outstanding - unfortunately, I had to watch it on the screens outside the catwalk hall.
The models walked barefoot in red paint and water. The collection was called "Case history" so there was a madness motif in everything: the red fabric, the make-up, the way the models walked... I liked it. Some T-shirts were very wearable, notwithstanding the slight slobbiness of her cuts. I'll post some photographs of the collection later.

I made a couple of shots before the start of the show. These people looked interesting and these are the only decent photos I could manage in the pre-show chaos. I'm a beginner - there's my excuse again. ;)
I am also shy (bless). Therefore it takes me courage to ask to take photos of people whose clothes I like. So here's me making progress.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Photography lessons

Today I reached the Ukrainian Fashion Week at last! I went to see the A/W 2009 collection by Ksenia Marchenko. She's a young designer and her collections are always based on simplicity and wearability.

Also, today was my first fashion photography experience, so there's a reason to be pleased again. Well, partly pleased, because most pictures were blurred. But hey, I'm a beginner, so not all is lost. I'll show you the ones that turned out to be alright.

It was all really fun - I sat in the froont section with all the photographers. Before the start of the show I was making photos of the people in the front row and one woman started posing for me - she thought I was from some magazine, I guess. It's also very satisfying to post photographs from my own camera, when reviewing a collection, and not from a magazine website, like I usually do.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The white dragonfly of love is on its way

Greet the spring, it is finally arriving in town. And, hopefully, it will bring some changes as the winter frost was starting to get hideous.

This weekend looks quite promising. The Ukrainian Fashion Week has already started and my friend (you all know Veronica from the previous posts) might be walking the catwalk on Saturday, so fingers crossed! I'll try my best to sneak into some shows anyhow.

There're also some clubs, music, friends and new addictions (in a good sense) waiting. I don't really like to make plans because when I do something always goes horribly wrong. So I'll just hope for this weekend to be fabulous. And I hope that you're kicking off this spring with a mood just as flourishing as mine.

Here's a moment of inspiration: I loved this look because it's just how mid-March should be. The summer's not in yet, so this laid-back simplicity is a good transition to the first rays of spring.

[Photo from the ELLE website]

Oh, and just to top it all off, I'm currently into the random photographs from all over the world that the BBC website features. A lame suggestion or not, I do suggest you check out the "Day in pictures" page. You might discover something beautiful somewhere very far away.