Sunday, October 23, 2011

MBFWK - the people, the emotions

This has been a head-spinning few days. I went to see some shows at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Kiev and attended two lectures, too. I would stay there for the whole deal if I could but uni is in the way of dedicating myself to fashion completely.

The Fashion Week was held in the building of the Olimpiyskiy stadium where Euro 2012 will take place, so that was exciting for the foreign guests.

I have a whole stack of photos that I want to share, there are so many things to stay, so I'll just do it all in small portions. Let's start with the guests and the atmosphere. That was definitely interesting.

A jewelry display from PURE store

A bunch of lovely Ukrainian bloggers

I, surprised

Now, a few shoes and details...

Front row footwear at the Sasha Kanevski show

Today's the end of the Fashion Week. Overall, it was great. There are more detailed posts to come, but you get the idea. Well done to the organisers of the event, can't wait until next season to experience more.