Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Holiday fashion experience

So I'm back home, full of sensations, tanned, a little tired from the trip and pleased with the way things went, even though they didn't really go to plan.

I left home with hopes of practicing my photography skills at the Holiday Fashion Week but instead ended up practising my... modelling skills. One of the designers' models fell sick, and I was at the right moment in the right place to be picked to replace her. Therefore, I spent the whole time backstage waiting for my make-up and hair and photographing the process of preparation for the catwalk shows.

The day on which we went to the fashion week there were 14 shows on agenda so there was a lot of fuss taking place before the start.
Polina Moroz made it into the final in the V A Model contest in 2008

Models for X'U by Ksenia Marchenko

Boots from Artem Klimchuk's show

Remember Veronica? My frequent outfit feature.

My hairdo

I have no idea who he is

I wore a flesh-coloured swimsuit (teamed with heavy army boots and edgy gothic bracelets)

And here are some sneaky photographs of Artem Klimchuk's show made from backstage by another model while I was busy.

We all had a lot of fun after the shows at a pool party. It was very warm at night and we swam in the sea and enjoyed one hell of many cocktails. The rest of the weekend was full of sun, beaches, clubs, more clubs, more sun and constant party mode. Ah, I'm so happy the holidays are here - fully blooming both in fashion and in student life.

Enjoy the sun! x

Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm off to Odessa, determined to make some photographs at the Holiday Fashion Week. I'm also in hopes of getting behind the scenes but we'll see about that when I get there. Stay tuned, some Ukrainian fashion details are coming.

I still have to find my beach dress and my train is leaving soon, so I'll keep this post short.

Hope all of you, lovelies, are having some niiiice summertime.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

A road to adulthood

Yesterday was Kyiv's prom night - a day when all the graduating school students could flaunt their charming outfits. I went to my friend's graduation and there are some photographs I want to share with you, my fellow fashion bloggers.

Don't they look cute? Congradulations on finishing school, girls!

Graduations of other people are so nostalgic and they make me think of my own school days. I nearly cried at the ceremony, nearly. I guess leaving school is a breaking moment in everyone's life, after which everything changes. Good luck to all of you who are leaving school this year as well! An exciting time is awaiting you!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On plastic stars

I usually don't get it when people go to Madame Tussaud's, for example, and start making photographs with all the wax versions of celebrities. It's fun to look at them, I guess, but it is only fun when the photographs are fun. Why do some people just stand by the "dolls" and make a straight face?

The whole wax-celebrities-photography is put in a totally new light when you mix in Anna Selezneva, a lot of deliscious designer clothing, V Magazine cast and put Terry Richardson behind the camera. Here's another of my beloved V-magazine editorials. I can somehow see how a photographer can get inspired by flipping though someone's home album with photographs from Madame Tussaud's. Enjoy.

I have finally finished my uni exams! So woohoo, I'm nearly a second year. Now I'm trying to get to the seaside in the nearest time, I hope I succeed. I have started writing for one of Ukrainian online magazines by the way (fashion, beauty and lifestyle articles). I guess that's big news and I will give you a link as soon as the website is translated into English.

Hope you're in the brightest of moods becuase the summer is shimmering, so love it!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Burberry girl

I read about this on the ELLEUK website yesterday. Emma just seems to be rocking the British fashion! Tell me what you think - is she the perfect choice for Burberry ads for autumn/winter 2009-2010?

She definitely looks good on these but I didn't really like the way she wore her Burberry back in 2008 (remember the sandy Prorsum collection dress teamed with heavy black accessories?) Well, at least she's done enough to become a symbol for the UK, so why not represent some truly British brands?