Sunday, December 13, 2009

Summer Autumn Winter

A brief summary of what I was up since the end of July.


Pretty self-explanatory

Got to my beloved Starbucks

Bought a pair Office pumps


Went to St Petersbourgh from Kyiv by train (23 hours!)

Reached the age of 18 =)

Saw the beautiful city of Moscow

Partied like a party tiger


Threw a limousine party for my girls

Made this photo especially for the blog. Veronica and her posh ways =)

Strutted my stuff in a tee which read "Ready to be with anyone, if he is the best" by X'U


Had a friendly lollipop shoot

Went to see a show by Kanevsky at the Ukrainian Fashion Week


Decided that red lipstick makes me look older

Had a shoot with one of my favourite girls. Yulia, <3

Had a bit too much rum with this lady here =)

Tried an outfit with over-the-knees for the first (!) time

It's been four and a half months since my last post. I've had my blogging break but it was necessary to make me undersand how much I've missed it.

There is no need to explain why I had that sudden stop with CHICLASH. Does that really matter? We all know that sometimes we just get too full of our laptop screens, too fed up with writing, we realise that we don't have the time note a thought or two on our pages. And that's when a blog starts to seem like a burden. It's as if you cannot stop because you'll loose readers, but you can't go on because you may loose yourself and the point in blogging. That, I believe, comes in cycles.

And now I'm happy to be back on my page to share whatever I can with the rest of you, my lovely readers and bloggers.

Many things have happened in the last few months. This means that this blog is a lot to catch up on. Gosh, I love the excitement of planning posts, there is beauty in that!

It took me a while to get the guts to start writing again. And it is like everything is usually - you think about what you are goin to write, select the right words but when it comes to the actual post, you may get lost for words. So I'll just begin thus:

I'm glad to be back, darlings! <3