Friday, April 15, 2011

London calling

London week for me is way over, I'm back to work and uni and it's hectic. My wardrobe is slightly updated though. England is lovely, I left a part of my heart in its capital city. Quite a time ago, actually, since it used to be my home. That city has something so warm about it.

I have to admit that I spent most of my time there shopping at Westfield and Urban Outfitter on Kensington High Street. Guilty as chharged. I brought to Ukraine a whole lotta stuff from the latter. Plus my friend asked me to get her the Fisheye2 camera. Now she keeps herself busy with it (wait for the photos in a few days).  

England through a plane window.

Flats from some small store in Romania the name of which I do not remember. I feel like going to Romania now, while writing about it. Travelling is a lifestyle. I hope it stays this way for me.  

This was taken back in Kiev. I <3 my new silk shirt from Urban Outfitters. In fact, I'm obsessed with Urban Outfitters in any shape of form.

And finally showing off my new Topshop brogues. They are somewhat cliche but I LOVE them! Dont buy any beige suede if the roads are dusty, though. and people have a tendency to step on your feet when you're wearing these.  

And cheer up, my friends! This is Friday! Prepare for the weekend and dance!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I'm at the airport waiting for my plane to London. Just had to share my excitement with you, my readers! I'm also feeling inspired by this very simple, yet cute Mango campaign featuring Isabeli Fontana because it portrays my mood excatly. Seems like I want to do so much this week!   

Westfield shopping centre and Urban Outfitters, here I come! Expect some shopping reports from me. =)

Have a great week!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The aftermath

I finally brought myself to writing about the final days of Kiev Fashion Days, which ended nearly a week ago. And being in that competition, I'm meant to blog daily, but I don't believe in this. I believe that one should blog whenever one actually has something to say, and not to tick off a blogger's box.

Kiev Fashion Days. What can I say? Thanks a lot to the organisers of this fashion event in Ukraine, it was a major one. But I must admit, I didn't even go to the last day of it although I did have a press pass. I came back from three catwalk shows and a lecture by Alena Doletskaya - ex-editor of Vogue Russia - to find that I was exhausted. Exhausted from what I saw.

What people do at events like this (in Ukraine at least) is dress to impress. Sometimes in the unpleasant meaning of the phrase. People try too hard to be eclectic, shocking, loud, bright, whatever. This is when fashion stops being stylish and starts becoming a race for appearances on blogs and magazines. Some pople don't even realize that they look ridiculous, not stylish.

Anyway, that's my bitter impression from a concentrated bohemian crowd. The shows were nice. Nice, not impressive, I guess. Sasha Kanevsky's collection, for example, seemed adult and sleek, yes, but I felt like he wasn't bothered to do much - we've seen it all before (with all the respect for the designer, he is a cool man).

Alena Doletskaya's Q&A lecture was, perhaps, the most inspiring hour of the KFD. She used a term that sounded something like "feverish blogging". This, I guess, is the best way to describe what's going on in the Ukrainian blogsphere. I feel like eveything is digested and redigested online, very little is original. I hope we start moving in a more creative, creating direction very soon.

And here are a few memorable moments from the event. I'm still looking forward to the next KFDs to come. It's nice to see Ukrainian Fashion put itself out there.

Sosnovskaya show

Alena Doletskaya, a very inspiring woman who can really be called a role model for any fashion editor, with Daria Shapovalova - a Ukrainian fashion TV presenter and icon.

Have a stylish weekend. x

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Obsessive state of mind

Prada is soooo smart in terms of footwear. Today, while flicking through the online ELLE, I bumped into this simple and notoriously cute editoial on stripes. And here they are again, catching my eye. I have mentioned the Prada platforms in one of my previous posts. These platforms are unflattering, I hate these shoes but I'm obsessed! Should I just save up for a pair and get this obsession over with?

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