Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The lingerie heaven

The entry of Victoria's Secret into the UK market this summer caused quite a stir. If you are in London you can still feel the aftermath of the opening of the company's first store in Westfield Stratford followed by the much anticipated flagship (and delayed) in Bond Street. Girls and women are so excited about it, and I went to check it out this Monday.

What is there to say? The flagship store with its four floors is a heaven for the weak-for-lingerie like me. Those that have been to the brand's shops in the States say that the UK stores are surprisingly darker and more gothic in a way.

I made some snaps, so enjoy. And don't miss an opportunity to see it yourself if you are in London. Only before you go make sure you do two things:
  1. Check you do have the money to afford it so you don't end up nearly in tears over a pair of the most perfect yoga pants like I did. It is more expensive than in the US.
  2. Go upstairs to the ladies' room: it's the place to take those guilty-pleasure-toilet-mirror-pictures and see the VS aesthtics that you can feel even in the store's air. 

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