Sunday, October 30, 2011

On disco Uggs

Hunting for my ultimate (and the very first in my wardrobe) pair of uggs has been the obsession of the last week. I roamed the web in search of the most convenient way of ordering them, stumbled across some dodgy Ukraine-based sites that I wasn't sure I could trust and decided, after all the research and questionings that I would just go to the new Ugg Australia store and buy a pair. 

They turned out to be more expensive than ordering from the USA, yet I'm still over the moon with my new buy. What I thought last year was that uggs would be well forgotten by this season, yet they are more screamingly fashionable than ever. That's not the reason I got them, though. They are inexplicably comfortable and warm - and that's what you want to be in the -30 degrees Celcius Ukrainian winter. 

So here I am with these new sequined babies. They sure will make me feel like a rockstar this winter. =D

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