Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Ladies and gentlemen, I'm officially STUCK in my old wardrobe.

I am visiting London right now, and this was meant to be a great shopping marathon, yet I seem to fail to find any inspiration. I got hold of a March edition of British Vogue, the new edition of ELLE, looked through some catwalk shows, trends, alternative trends, tried to find something fresh to love... Yet there's practically NOTHING new out there that makes me go "Ooh, that's a something". What's wrong with the upcoming fashion season?

It just feels that we have already seen it all. The wooden heels, the tiny bags, the big bags, the sportswear, the animal prints, the complicated cuts, the white shirts. When I went out shopping today, I somehow got lost in what I loved, what I needed and what I should have bought. Despte all the magazines' suggestions and personal need to shock and impress, I seem to veer towards the good old leggings, bomber jackets, ginger leather bags and white tees. That's it! Boring, old, yet the only things that seem appropriate!

Well, actually, the only personal innovation that I brought myself to buy today was a juicy red lipstick. I did it at last (after weeks of hesitation)! Oh, and I got a fringe now.

Has the catwalk failed to inspire this spring or is it just me? I am desperate for inspiration. What is it that has that oomph for you this spring, girls and guys?