Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY charms

A fellow student at uni - Jane - made this bracelet herself. I couldn't take my eyes off it for a whole lecture. Isn't it sweet sweet sweet?

Monday, March 26, 2012

MBKFD: Day 2

Day 2 at MBKFD was full of positive emotions. I got filmed by guys from Fashion Daily TV, heard one great lecture and anjoyed a controversial yet beautiful show by Anton Belinskiy. 

Trends Brands' Marketing Director, when asked how education benefited her in her career, said that she studied to become a spacecraft engineeer. 

The most remarkable of this day was the lecture by the girls from Trends Brands For Friends - an online store and fashion website launched by enthusiasts from Moscow. They spoke about their marketing techniques and the launch of a new concept called Supermarket on their website - a platform for young designers to sell their creations. This lecture deserves a separate post. 

As for the looks, the best place to go in search of inspiration was - as it turned out - the smoking area just outside. As my friend enjoyed her Marlboros I hunted for looks and shoes (by the way, do check out some shoe shots on my new blog). 

I wore a Gap parka, a Zara dress, House of Holland tights, Mango boots and a Faith bag

And here's a bit more from the day...  

I want to say "well done" to the organizers. The KFD was incredible this season. Unfortunately, I didn't catch the third day, but oh well. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Backstage: Katerina Kvit

Each season, there seem to be more and more familiar faces at MBKFD. Yesterday, I accidentally met an acquaintance while sipping a drink at a bar. The girl was in full make-up with beautifully teased hair, ready to walk in the next show. Thus, I found myself backstage photographing models preparing for the Katerina Kvit show.

MBKFD - Day 1

Yesterday was incredibly exciting. Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days were off to a great start at Olimpiyskiy Stadium (where Euro-2012 will be held in June). Unfortunately, I didn't catch a couple of shows and lectures, but I did see the Bekh show and I came across some juicy footwear, so I was happy. Here come a few highlights.

I went for head-to-toe black with an Escada skirt, an H&M bomber and Topshop wedges

 Blogegrs: Olga at SIRENA TOUR and Yevgeniya at HEAVEN HAS NO FAVOURITES  

I ran into Yvan Rodic and told him how much of a fan I am. =) We had a quick chat about which one's better - London or NYC. He said that alhtough NYC is more fun, London is better because it's closer to everything (everything being Europe). That made my day. 

Blogger Violetta at TWIG-BROCHURE

My friend is sporting a tee by a Ukrainian T-shirt brand Chapayev Street that she is currently working with 

Backstage at Katerina Kvit


Don't forget to check out my short shoe report from the first day on CHICLASH SHOE SHOTS (when hunting for cool shoes to photograph it at times feels like you are an obsessed shoe maniac).

Now I'm going to finish my coffee and indulge in Day 2 of MBKFD. Stay tuned x

Monday, March 19, 2012

My new blogging project

Sometimes you just get a spontaneous unexpected idea and you love it. So it happened with me, and I have decided to start up an additional little blog.

It is called CHICLASH SHOE SHOTS. It’s like a continuation of CHICLASH with a twist – it will only feature shoes that I photograph at Fashion Weeks or on the streets, or my own pairs that I love.

I have noticed that when I look for people to photograph at fashion events the first this I look at is footwear. There is some special quality to this particular part of wardrobe. In particular, I can never get enough!  

You are welcome to enjoy some delicious shoes from Ukraine and elsewhere at CHICLASH SHOE SHOTS. Stay tuned. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Kiev is about to begin. There'll be a looot to post about. 


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

On grass

While doing my research for work, I browsed through a lot of street style photographs all over the place. What impressed me the most from the recent fashion weeks was, surprisingly, this grassy green colour. It is found in abundance in every fashion capital. How about a coat that actually looks like a spring lawn? I loooved it!