Friday, September 16, 2011

On seasons and geography: the paradox

I have never writtent about Australia before. Yet after today's online shopping and internet screening I think we need to get fascinated by it more. Do you know what we never actually think about fashion-wise? We never think that fashion is not global. We are used to seeing things in universal terms. Well, it just occurred to me that they are not.

When it’s about to get cool here in my country, I didn’t realize it was only starting to become spring down south. Guys, it’s springtime in the Southern hemisphere! And do you know what they have? They have their S/S 2011-2012 season. And we never get that. That exotic fact left my brain burning and yearning for research today. 

So I did mine and I realized that we could even use some of their trends and collections here, up north. I came across an interesting Australian designer – Jane Lamerton – at the Myer online store. In particular, I loved this shift tunic dress - it has a sixties silhouette (oh so big this season) and the most perfect colour combination for this print. 

I can see myself wearing it on the rainy streets of Kyiv (they are about to become so) with a black biker jacket, polka-dot black tights and these new Mango ankle boots I bought recently. Basically, it'd make it look heavier and rock it up a bit. Maybe I should even place an order and wait till it crosses the ocean. 
 Watch me wear these soon. They are my big plan for October.

Although the dress was most probably made with the beach and cool poolside evenings in mind (I can see it with lovely killer heels and a champagne). That's the thing about today's fashion: just place an item from one collection into a different environment and it will shift seasons. Fashion is transitional and we hardly realise it.  

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