Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On couples

Fashion and love are the sexiest combination. Feelings are so often outshined by things more material. Yet, there is nothing more stylish than chemistry. 

I like the fact that the idea of couples is exploited in a smart way in fashion today. Just think of the November 2011 issue of Vogue Russia featuring Adam Levine and his girlfriend Anne V. And, oh, the genii at the Kooples are a great example here, too. You get the idea.

When I saw this Details Magazine editorial (December issue) featuring a model couple Aline Nakashima and Ryan Burns on, I fell in love with the photographs.

I really don't think I have seen anything sweeter in a long time.



FTD said...

Love it!!

Crave said...

These are sweet photos!!! Cute post!!!

Mary said...

I love couple editorials!The last time is saw one great was Vogue October and now that one in your blog!