Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gucci: the sexy 1990s

Right now, I'm reading Fashion Brands: Branding Style from Armani to Zara by Mark Tungate. One of the chapters made me browse the web for Gucci campaigns from the nineties. The Gucci ads always have a sexy oomph, but I never realised just how far the brands went a couple of decades ago. 

Since Tom Ford's re-launch of the brand, Gucci became a sophisticated yet provocative and sexy luxury after a dip of the1980s. The words "porno chic" from the abovementioned book got me thinking and searching - did Tom Ford really go that far back then?

Remember the controverial pubic hair ad from 2003? The build-up of the "sex sells" tactic started in the good old 1990s. Although it wasn't as scandalous then. It amazed me to see just how qualitative and modern (in terms of now) the campaigns look. I never really searched for the older ad campaigns of this brand, and I don't remember any Gucci from my chilhood. This only proves that fashion - the marketing as well as the garments and style - are a history repeating. Only with a few details changed. Well, at least this is applicable to Gucci.  

The peak of lust and explicit photography was in the 1996-1997, and then around the naughties the sex theme was tuned down a bit. Today, at least to me, Gucci ads are not controversial at all, they just spell clean youthful glamour. It's even a little strange to look back at how revolutionary they were in the past.   

SS 1996

SS 1996 Eyewear

AW 1996

SS 1997

AW 1997

 SS 1998

AW 1999

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