Thursday, June 25, 2009

A road to adulthood

Yesterday was Kyiv's prom night - a day when all the graduating school students could flaunt their charming outfits. I went to my friend's graduation and there are some photographs I want to share with you, my fellow fashion bloggers.

Don't they look cute? Congradulations on finishing school, girls!

Graduations of other people are so nostalgic and they make me think of my own school days. I nearly cried at the ceremony, nearly. I guess leaving school is a breaking moment in everyone's life, after which everything changes. Good luck to all of you who are leaving school this year as well! An exciting time is awaiting you!



Daiane said...

very stylish girls. you're added on my link list, feel free to add me too. thanks for reading! xo

Mademoiselle C. said...

Again, a thing we don"t have here in France which i will miss all my life !
Here you just graduate, you're happy and that's it. What a pity !

Anyway, your 2 friends looked cute and pretty. I'm just in love with the second outfit ;)

DaisyChain said...

Both girls look amazing.

Anonymous said...

Both of them look good, nice outfits indeed! We don't have prom night either :(


So fantastic outfits!
we can never go wrong in fav. color!

Kisses and hugs and thanks so much for your sweet words at my blog!