Thursday, March 17, 2011

UFW. Is there space for diplomacy?

Ukrainian Fashion Week has kicked off with a buzzing start. And what always gets me is the amount of criticism and hatred that you can hear behind the designers' backs. Ukrainian fashion is phenomenal in this sense, I guess. However, maybe some of them do deserve it. I really want to be a fashion diplomat here but let's be frank: I don't think I'd wear 95% of the clothes I saw in the first collections of these two days. And I couldn't help but wonder (notice my Carrie Bradshaw moment here): is there space for diplomacy in fashion? If you really hate a collection, should you say it to the designer's face?  

One particular collection killed me. Andre Tan - a much talked about designer - kills everyone with each of his collections. We all believe that it's his genius PR move. It seemed like he took the worst of the 1990's. He will, however, be forgiven by some of our pseudo-glamour-loving celebs. Good luck to them with these floral skirts.

Don't get the impression that our fashion is hopeless, though. I sincerely liked the ANISIMOV collection. Basic monochrome geek chic is fresh, considering that this season we will not really see much of it.

 I like it when Ukrainian fashion moves into simplicity. Unfortunately, it's rare. 


Tea For Two said...

Bloody hell, that blue royal blue top with the shiny panel that looks like an upside down mini dress :( The maxi skirts are nice though. And of course I rate the geek chic.

You should tell a designer openly what you thought of the collection if you're asked, which you probably won't be, so it's all good :D The only people who really have an honest dialogue with designers about their work are the journos and critics, and they do so in print so no one gets that awkward feeling.

mode.ulation said...

I do like the geek chic collection! simple and cute. As for Andre Tan...hmmm...the pieces just looked rather mismatched? the last look is particularly bizarre. I haven't taken a close look at Ukranian fashion but I do not think it's that hopeless!
And yes I think you should voice your honest opinions about a collection =]