Sunday, March 20, 2011

No flash, please

As promised, I went photohunting at Ukrainian Fashion Week yesterday. Here's my report from Ukrainian fashion lands, darlings. Enjoy.

Models from Bevza show 

Olya studies at my uni. Check out her blog Algo Hermoso

My beloved Veronica @ Fashion Insider

I was told not to use the flash during the show. So the photographs from the actual show turned out to be quite useless, excpet for a few ones. 

Who is this woman? Let me know, if you have the answer. She was interviewed backstage, but I don't know who she is.

Model Polina Moroz backstage

The designer - Irina Krasilnikova

The show by Krasilnikova was great. The collection was called ""Recontruction", so there was a lot of layering, draping, gracefull ruffles (not those girlie "romance types") interesting exaggerated shapes and no color clashing and madness that we saw at some other designers' shows (hallelujah!). Black, light-grey and carrot-red were pretty much the only colours used and I loved it. Another thing to note: leather skirts and tops. I personally fell in love with a black leather tee and a few long dresses.  


Uliss said...

Love the girl in striped maxi! Awesome!!!

Hanna said...

That dress looks fantastic, doesn't it?

Uliss said...


Anet said...

so cute photo with the designer- Krasnikova.
..and all your report is v.interesting.

Modotopia said...

Отличный фоторепортаж! особенно фото стильных людей. То длинное черно-белое платье в полоску, кажется, от какого-то укр. дизайнера? где-то я его уже видела, но не могу вспомнить, где

Александр said...

Молодой и главное перспективный дизайнер. Я был и видел все своими глазами, но репортаж на уровне!