Friday, March 18, 2011

Eyes wide shut

Every season we hold our breaths and wait to see what Liliya Litkovskaya has come up with for her show. And it's always a show. Not an ordinary display of a designer collection but a true masterpiece. Unfortunately, this time I didn't have a chance to see it right there on the catwalk. So lets enjoy these photos
from the show together.

And here goes the praise...

The coats! I'm in love with the coats! Unconventional cuts always fascinate me and this collection hits just the right notes.

The sheer fabric! Oh those chiffon blouses, made so gracefully that you don't even realise they are sheer.

Oh that fur! That indulgent, long, slightly scruffy perfect fur that makes femininity shine.

Oh those colours! This down-to-earth basic pallette that only proves that you DON'T need to put your models into mustard tights [cough cough] (as in one designer did this is the most unpleasant of ways) to be a good designer.

I wonder though: how did the models manage to walk with those masks/hats/headpieces?

Image source: gallery of the official UFW website


mode.ulation said...

I like the coats too! They're stunning. Love how the pieces are very fluid yet structural too.

Modotopia said...

У тебя такой отличный английский! мне даже приходилось читать со словарем :)) словно читаю блог англичанки!

Hanna said...

Оуу спасибо за комплимент! )