Friday, December 23, 2011

Sparkles, sparkles everywhere

These uggs seem to follow me everywhere I go. It feels like half of my institute has bought these in different colours. Oh well, can you blame them? These babies are taking over the city!

Here's my friends Veronica (who, by the way, fell for a lovely pair in silver, too) and I posin'. We had such a great laugh today making these photographs. 

Oh, and it's kind of snowing in Kyiv. It looked like the weather is trying to trick us into thinking it's spring for the whole of December. Give us Christmas and snow!   


Jordana Lilly said...

LOVE the uggs - you two look so cute & toasty! Love your blog!

stop by sometime! xo Jordana

FTD said...


Merry Xmas!!


Anonymous said...

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