Monday, December 5, 2011

Sweet Xmas preparations

The family of my friend Veronica (you remember her, right?) hosts a Charity Christmas Fair every year. This year it took place in November (last week) - slightly earlier than before, but not less fun it was. I helped as a volunteer, that explains the photo by the "Information" sign. =D

It was a beautiful chilly day, and we cosied up in our sweaters, uggs and things of wool. The mulled wine kept us warm though.

Note: the beautiful headpice - not mine. It was unceremoniously borrowed from Veronica

And a couple of fashion notes...

A saw snakeskin in abundance, which created a fierce and nteresting outfit.

And this beautiful fur bag caught my eye. Ah, the colour!

What I like about it is that it always sets the mood. When you see so many decorated trees, gifts and chocolates, the festive mood kicks in right away. And there was an afterparty. Yet again, that's a whole different story.  

Veronica, thanks for inviting me! x

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