Monday, March 19, 2012

My new blogging project

Sometimes you just get a spontaneous unexpected idea and you love it. So it happened with me, and I have decided to start up an additional little blog.

It is called CHICLASH SHOE SHOTS. It’s like a continuation of CHICLASH with a twist – it will only feature shoes that I photograph at Fashion Weeks or on the streets, or my own pairs that I love.

I have noticed that when I look for people to photograph at fashion events the first this I look at is footwear. There is some special quality to this particular part of wardrobe. In particular, I can never get enough!  

You are welcome to enjoy some delicious shoes from Ukraine and elsewhere at CHICLASH SHOE SHOTS. Stay tuned. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Kiev is about to begin. There'll be a looot to post about. 


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