Saturday, March 24, 2012

MBKFD - Day 1

Yesterday was incredibly exciting. Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days were off to a great start at Olimpiyskiy Stadium (where Euro-2012 will be held in June). Unfortunately, I didn't catch a couple of shows and lectures, but I did see the Bekh show and I came across some juicy footwear, so I was happy. Here come a few highlights.

I went for head-to-toe black with an Escada skirt, an H&M bomber and Topshop wedges

 Blogegrs: Olga at SIRENA TOUR and Yevgeniya at HEAVEN HAS NO FAVOURITES  

I ran into Yvan Rodic and told him how much of a fan I am. =) We had a quick chat about which one's better - London or NYC. He said that alhtough NYC is more fun, London is better because it's closer to everything (everything being Europe). That made my day. 

Blogger Violetta at TWIG-BROCHURE

My friend is sporting a tee by a Ukrainian T-shirt brand Chapayev Street that she is currently working with 

Backstage at Katerina Kvit


Don't forget to check out my short shoe report from the first day on CHICLASH SHOE SHOTS (when hunting for cool shoes to photograph it at times feels like you are an obsessed shoe maniac).

Now I'm going to finish my coffee and indulge in Day 2 of MBKFD. Stay tuned x

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