Monday, March 26, 2012

MBKFD: Day 2

Day 2 at MBKFD was full of positive emotions. I got filmed by guys from Fashion Daily TV, heard one great lecture and anjoyed a controversial yet beautiful show by Anton Belinskiy. 

Trends Brands' Marketing Director, when asked how education benefited her in her career, said that she studied to become a spacecraft engineeer. 

The most remarkable of this day was the lecture by the girls from Trends Brands For Friends - an online store and fashion website launched by enthusiasts from Moscow. They spoke about their marketing techniques and the launch of a new concept called Supermarket on their website - a platform for young designers to sell their creations. This lecture deserves a separate post. 

As for the looks, the best place to go in search of inspiration was - as it turned out - the smoking area just outside. As my friend enjoyed her Marlboros I hunted for looks and shoes (by the way, do check out some shoe shots on my new blog). 

I wore a Gap parka, a Zara dress, House of Holland tights, Mango boots and a Faith bag

And here's a bit more from the day...  

I want to say "well done" to the organizers. The KFD was incredible this season. Unfortunately, I didn't catch the third day, but oh well. 


Tarah said...

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Fashion3Ways said...

Great blog! greetz from Poland :)

Coffee-Looks-Books said...

Great post! i wish our local fashion week here in Lviv was at least half that stylsh :) interesting blog!