Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The marine!

I spent half of July and the end of August in Sankt-Petersbourg, Russia, with my boyfriend.

The city, although it's not really a seaside one, is very much into sailors, ships and all things nautical. The Neva river is buzzing with ships, and the so called "white nights" (when it practically doesn't get dark at night) are oh so beautiful. And a part of the Gulf of Finland is there, so I guess SPB can be called a nautical city.

Therefore, I had a perfect opportunity to go very nautical myself and strut my stuff in my Whistles dress and Carvela open-toed ankle boots (and please do not judge the face on the picture).

Whistles dress
Dorothy Perkins vest
Carvela boots

Visit this city. It's a Russian Venice.     

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hope i will someday