Thursday, September 30, 2010

"The tree is taller than the woman. But the tree does not have the sequin bag."

Before I saw the French Conenction spring/summer 2010 campaign, I had never really paid this brand's ads much attention. Or at least not as much as they deserve. But when I saw "The woman is knowing we are looking" and bunny ears on the manliest of manly models I fell in love with that campaign.

This season's concept has not been disapponting either. The quirky sayings in charmingly incorrect "Frenched-up" English are genius. Look at the full collection here.

"The woman riders her trousers down the staircase."

"Do you start from watch or brogue?"

"The dress makes the silly men walk funny."

"Feel like wolf."

"Jacket. Waxed. Like moustache."

Make sure you watch the short movies of this campaign, too. They are ever so cute.


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