Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NY state of mind

Recently, I have been dreaming of going to the NYC, even though I'm more of a Europe girl (meaning that Milan and London were always the deram cities for me before). Yet, I guess it's time to think about a visit to the USA.

Maybe I have watched too much of Sex and the City (I know, I know it's old, but I still can't help loving the series), maybe it's the Americana boom in the S/S 2010 fashion, or maybe it's something else, but New York fascinates me.

And how exciting it was to find yet another outrageously cool V Magazine editorial dedicated to NY lifestyle! It's a photoshoot by the genius Mario Testino, featuring muscians, designers, choreographers, artists, publishers etc., amongst whom there are Marc Jacobs, Chloe Sevingy, Lady Gaga, Liya Kebede, Mark Ronson and other influential souls. Enjoy.

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NatG said...

Bun i like it, i would like to be in NYC, LA, London or Paris now ):

Hanna said...

The "go <3 your own city" tee is now my obsession =)

Robin said...

I know what you mean, I'm also more a European girl but I'm still curious to see NY. Well, maybe in a few years.

Anna Pope said...

I'm more of a Europe girl too but NY's always been fascinating to me, so I get what you're talking about :)

And SatC will never ever get old!

Marc ♥

ediot said...

MAN i want to go to NY!