Sunday, September 30, 2012

September summary

I can't tell you how much changed in my life this month. I fulfilled the teenage dream of getting into LCF and I moved to London (not permanently, but still). everything seems to be moving so fast, and I sometimes have to stop myself and just let it all in. I went to have a symbolic good-bye-September coffee to Holland Park with my friends today, and decided to look at some of the highlight. And the small thing matter, they are what  your life actually is. 


I got an iPhone at last. Now I photograph everything like crazy. Like these blueberries. Oh, and you can find me on instagram @hannahavrylova now. Follow follow follow! =)

I went to some great events and exhibitions in London. Like this Friday Late at V&A.

I started my course at LCF. One of our first assignments was an assessment of Regent Street. How great is that?

And sometimes it's very hard. Like here.

Oooh, and I bought one of these tidy rails for my wardrobe. Always wanted one =)

And I'm out a lot, enjoying the autumn air in London parks when I get a free minute. Go out there, this season is beautiful.

I hope you all had a magical day

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