Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Eyewear on display

A few free relaxed hours in between roomhunting, induction week at LCF and getting used to living in London again at last! I'm loing the first week at the College so far. Today we all had workshops outside of our courses, so I went to hear a presentation called Fashion on Display about the techniques used to exhibit fashion garments and problems and debates related to displaying them. It was very inspiring and informative, and to me it was a sort of an introduction to fashion curation, since I never really came across it closely before.

We also visited the LCF Gallery in John Prince's Street to see the eyewear exhibition called Framed! Contemporary Eyewear in Fashion that featured an incredible collection of glasses and creative eyewear designs as well as a brief history of eyewear fashion. Some of the futuristic designs really impressed me. It was also a discovery to see some of the most unexpected materials (like human hair, for example) used to create eyewear. Here are some peaks at the exhibition for you.      

Now I'll just finish my latte and run off to another workshop in Oxford Circus. Whoosh! Cheers x

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