Monday, January 16, 2012

Reasons for hating (and loving) LV

Personally, I don't like Louis Vuitton at all. This may sound totally strange, but the brand and the whole fuss around it does nothing for me. Let's be honest, I can't really afford it just yet, but even if I had the money, I know I wouldn't buy it. The reasons for it? I can name at least four.
  1. The logos. Maybe it's because Ukrainian ladies are obsessed with them, or maybe because LV  is the first victim of fake brand clothing producers, the LV logo is everywhere. It starts to become annoying after a while.
  2. The  popularity. Everyone wants a Louis bag. Everyone. I can't say I don't respect the Louis Vuitton fashion house - it deserves every bit of praise for being the brand it is today - one of the most desired luxury statements in every woman's wardrobe. Yet, it being so popular deprives it of the exclusivity in my eyes. Besides, the incredible demand for LV items worldwide seems to make the designers feel like they don't have to try hard at all. Unfortunately.  
  3. The age misconception. I can tell from the streets in Ukraine, for example, that our fashionistas are aiming to have something LV from the age of... well, 15. To me, this is a brand to be worn by women starting from at least their 30s. This applies to all classic luxury brands, though. You gotta earn that stuff. That's my opinion, anyway. 
  4. The fakes. It seems like there are more fakes of LV than there are of any other brand. Why? Oh WHY?
There. I got it out of my system.

The only thing I'm loving about it right now is the catalogue of the 2012 Cruise Collection with  Arizona Muse. I can safely say that I haven't seen anything more tasteful in terms of campaign photography for a long time.


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LOVE IT !!! :)