Friday, February 18, 2011

Prada spring campaign

Usually, fashion giants' ad campaigns don't really thrill me (it's like thanks to their greatness as a brand they don't have to try hard in their campaign videos), but this one got me smiling and wanting to dance around my office!

This season's Prada ad campaign is so vibrant, fun and moving that it even made me fall in love with the flat platform shoes (although at first I found this trend rediculous, to be honest). Isn't this video adorable?

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Joao said...

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Laura Mashir said...

Prada campain is nice,but flat platform shoes are not!you are right:they are ridiculous!
p.s.Are you ukranian(russian)writing your blog in english?

Hanna said...

Thank you, Joao!
Laura, yes, I'm Ukrainian. =)

Crave said...

I have to agree at first I wasn't falling for these platforms...however now I cannot wait to get my paws on a pair!!

Thank you for commenting on my blog...I've started it back up so hopefully you'll stop by and check it out again :)