Sunday, April 22, 2012

5 reasons to be happy

I had some exciting three recent days! Still can't decide whether it's because...

  1. ... I have finally received my order from Asos, although there was a slight delay. Await new outfits, I just got my dream tee shipped to me. 
  2. ... I received my lingerie from Adore Me - a truly fun online store that brings personalized shopping to a new level. Await a post about this, too. 
  3. ... I went and finally got myself my first Vans pair. 
  4.  ... I have finally finished my coursework and pressed the "print" button. 
  5. ... it's finally spring! 

Which one is it, what do you think?

All the online shopping bonanza got me relly excited because -and it's actually true - I have ner shopped online before. It's like Carrie Bradshaw in SATC compares shopping to exercise. I like the whole process, the whole running around the shops, the whole trying stuff on a million times before I buy it. So the ASOS order was something completely new for me. And the Adore Me package is something very special, you'll see. 

Have a great Sunday evening, guys and gilrs. x 

1 comment:

Joana said...

The Vans! (Only because I don't know what you got from Asos hehe)

xo Joana