Saturday, August 27, 2011

Musings on Georgian fashion

The holiday season for me is over. I am back home, with a veeery bad cold and folders and folders of photographs from this summer. The three months of it were exquisite. I hope you, darlings, had the best of them, too. 

The folder from my week in Georgia makes me reminisce about the great and unique sense of Georgian style I saw in Batumi. We pretty much didn’t have time for shopping there, but I did get a glimpse of an all-Georgian fashion store at Flabour. Overall, this country, just like mine, in the sense of independence is young (since the USSR’s influence was substantial here, too). Yet I feel that fashion here is more mature, more sophisticated in a way, and quite daring.

Ethnic motifs add to this feeling. The quality that Georgian deseigners have in common is, in my opinion, a sort of serious approach to texture. It's not about play, it's serious stuff here we're talking about. The lace, the layers, the beadings and embroidery - real candy for us here, where a certain minimalism defines modern fashion. At least that's what i think.

My breath was taken away by a pair of shoes from the S/S 2011 collection by Anouki Bicholla (who, by the way, did a show in Kiev, as well). The ruffles and the spoon glued to the thick, strong, prominent heel is... ahh they are lovely. I tried them on and they happened to be very comfortable, too.

   Just have to add, that I hope we see more Georgian brands in our stores soon. They are special. 


Polina Moroz said...

класс!а когда ты там была?? я только сегодня вернулась в киев из батуми!)

Hanna said...

я там в июле неделю была. впечатлений море!