Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Peaches and cream

I love this vintage peach top. My mum made it herself in 1979 when she was 19 (like me now!). This only proves that fashion is pretty timeless. Our parents wore whatever we would buy right now. This makes me wonder - what's next? Are we going to see any fashion inventions in this lifetime? But vintage is omnicool, anyway.   

Shorts: Topshop
Top: vintage
Sandals: Bata
Bag: Topshop
Bandana: initially my brother's brought from Texas, but then stolen from him for the sake of hair accessorising =)

I'm all about bikinis and hair accessories at the moment. Yesterday I hit Topshop for bandeau bikini tops and couldn't fit into my usual size. I guess, no more buns for me before the start of the beach season. And what are you up to, my fellow bloggers?

PS Summer's in town! Have a good one.


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April said...

LOVE the headband


True said...

the sandals are really nice

- True