Friday, November 12, 2010

Busy busy busy bee

That's me at MANGO before the start of Shopping Party at our company's store in Kyiv

TOPSHOP jeans, H&M coat, TOPSHOP boots. Yes, I'm very much into high street right now.  
Ah, I miss writing on THIS page, since now I'm blogging for the company i work for, too. CHICLASH actually feels like home, when I have another blog to maintain.

A couple of weeks ago I visited London and had another shopping marathon (what else is to expect, if I practically worship the Westfield shopping centre in Shepherd's Bush!) and I bought so many things i want you to see, my dear readers. But I can't bring myself to photograph anything! And you can imagine how much shopping I had been doing if I tell you that I went to London for 5 days and did not bring a single photograph back with me. Not a single one!

That previous office girl post - it's no joke. It's actually taking up a lot of my time, so all I do at home is sleep. Therefore, I'll just post a glimpse of my first work experiences in the high street fashion indusrty.

Hope you all have a great Friday!    

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EWON said...

Topshop boots are great! Looking forward to seeing some of your London buys :-)