Sunday, December 13, 2009

Summer Autumn Winter

A brief summary of what I was up since the end of July.


Pretty self-explanatory

Got to my beloved Starbucks

Bought a pair Office pumps


Went to St Petersbourgh from Kyiv by train (23 hours!)

Reached the age of 18 =)

Saw the beautiful city of Moscow

Partied like a party tiger


Threw a limousine party for my girls

Made this photo especially for the blog. Veronica and her posh ways =)

Strutted my stuff in a tee which read "Ready to be with anyone, if he is the best" by X'U


Had a friendly lollipop shoot

Went to see a show by Kanevsky at the Ukrainian Fashion Week


Decided that red lipstick makes me look older

Had a shoot with one of my favourite girls. Yulia, <3

Had a bit too much rum with this lady here =)

Tried an outfit with over-the-knees for the first (!) time


NoViTaRisTiaNa said...

yeaah a great moment...u right to post it...hehee...

Anna Pope said...

Looks like a pretty wicked year :)