Thursday, March 12, 2009

The white dragonfly of love is on its way

Greet the spring, it is finally arriving in town. And, hopefully, it will bring some changes as the winter frost was starting to get hideous.

This weekend looks quite promising. The Ukrainian Fashion Week has already started and my friend (you all know Veronica from the previous posts) might be walking the catwalk on Saturday, so fingers crossed! I'll try my best to sneak into some shows anyhow.

There're also some clubs, music, friends and new addictions (in a good sense) waiting. I don't really like to make plans because when I do something always goes horribly wrong. So I'll just hope for this weekend to be fabulous. And I hope that you're kicking off this spring with a mood just as flourishing as mine.

Here's a moment of inspiration: I loved this look because it's just how mid-March should be. The summer's not in yet, so this laid-back simplicity is a good transition to the first rays of spring.

[Photo from the ELLE website]

Oh, and just to top it all off, I'm currently into the random photographs from all over the world that the BBC website features. A lame suggestion or not, I do suggest you check out the "Day in pictures" page. You might discover something beautiful somewhere very far away.


clairegrenade said...

inspired!! her boots are amazing

clairegrenade said...

you've been linked,dear ;]

Alice X said...

woww who is that? she is ssooo fabulous.