Sunday, February 8, 2009

Honesty box

Where, where shall I start?

This post will probably contain some very interesting and confusing feelings of mine, for it took me quite a while to face the blogging world after the break I took. Yes, it was a break at first, taking into account the important exams I had to go through. Then it became something of a strange phobia of blogging - I couldn't even enter my blogger account and read the comments or comment others' posts. This phenomenon I cannot really explain. I get a similar feeling when I take a break from dancing and then watch someone dance on the TV - it's not exactly jealousy but a yearning of being there on that dancefloor wheich makes me crave returning back to the sport. So now, having gone through a period of escaping from the blogging world I am back, not with promises, but with new ideas and determination to bring CHICLASH back to life.

I have missed sharing ideas with all of you. And please forgive my lack of comments. There are plenty coming!

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