Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shhh… girl talk

I have dreamt of my own wedding not very long ago. It was one of the most awkward things to see in a dream, to be honest, but it made me think about how it would be if I ever get married. Who would be the groom (the most important worry, really), what dress I’d have, and what ring THE ONE would put on my finger…

In Ukraine, people usually have plain gold rings to wed. In most western cultures, however, diamonds are involved. And that’s where things get hot because diamonds are a girl’s best friend at the end of the day. They are what turns and evening gown into a royal outfit.

I would want something very personal, be it an engagement ring or a wedding ring. Amongst all those diamonds offered on the market it’s very hard to find something that’s individual and suits your own style and taste. Wouldn’t it be perfect to have your jewelry “tailored”?

Not planning to marry just yet, but I do have some plans concerning a design of my own ring. I was given a tiny topaz from Sri Lanka which I want to combine with some silver and create a special ring and I’m still thinking about the design…

It’s always important to choose the right place to buy rocks. Even more so if you want to have a personal ring made. The place to do it has to be ABAZIAS. Not only can you find any type of diamond to please your desires, have it built into a ring of your choice but you can also do it ONLINE! It is a retailer that will offer you pleasant service, much space for improvisation and imagination when making your ring and, most importantly, unexpectedly reasonable prices.

Even if we don’t wear diamonds much, perhaps it’s time to rebel against all the crisis prejudices and get hold of one. In fact, in the middle of the global economic crunch, we have no choice but to look for cheaper ways to buy luxury, so diamond bargains are more than handy. After all, it is a very solid investment – and bought at quite a low price it can serve you in the future. So go on and pamper yourself (or imply it to your man).

So, all the single ladies, have you ever thought about your wedding or the ring you’d like to have then? I’d love to hear your stories.

I wish you all a magical day!


Mademoiselle C. said...

I will surely show this post to my bf and tell him that I *need* a diamond. right now. Because of the crisis :P
Thanks for the link :)

AmeliaPontes said...

See, I really like the idea of a pearl and a diamond in my ring. That's what my father gave my mother (they are divorced now) and I have the ring, but I LOVE it! It goes with everything and doesn't look to over the top during the day.


Since a few months I have been thinking about my own wedding, it seems unreal really. I want the ring to be simple with a clean cut diamond. Size does not matter :).

DaisyChain said...

I've thought about my own wedding many times,
mainly subconciously through dreams,
I've never thought about the ring though...hmm.

Summer said...

Actually,if i would marry my right girl.I would definitely give her that diamond ring that she's dreaming to.Coz i know that the wedding day is the most special day for a lady.=) And there is nothing wrong to plan a wedding,it's part of the process,to make plans before the wedding.=) Thanks for sharing.=)

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Hello Hanna!

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us!
About me, I got married two years ago, just before I started the blog, and it is was a very sweet day. I have a diamond ring and a white gold weeding ring...I love to use them together once in a while.
About the ceremony, it happened in my mom´s garden...with only was a very happy day :)))

I wish you the best when your day comes...

a kiss and a hug,


enJAYneer said...

nice post... thanks for sharing...

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Sunniva said...

Oo it must have been fun and scary at the same time to dream about your wedding. I wonder how mine will be, and with who, and how the ring will look've got my head all spinning with wedding ideas now's nice :) xoxo